Box of Laughter : THE DUELING PAGES

“Dueling Pages” is part one of the three part “Box of Laughter” series, which highlights the fetish of tickling. In this episode, two best friends share their love of pinup idol Betty Page. They admire each others’ stylish imitation, comparing lingerie and shoes with girlish delight and tease. Soon the friendly comparisons turn competitive and catty, and a fight ensues. A little wrestling and some rope bondage, and before you know it, one of the Pages is hog-tied and ready for some tickling action!

Betty Page, fully fashioned stockings and vintage lingerie, girl on girl cat fights, wrestling, bondage and TICKLING!

Sure enough, the tickling and laughter commences, along with some naughty spanking and dominance as the sub-Betty is left to struggle while her friend decides to take a nap. However, when dreamtime is over, the sleeping Betty awakes to find the tables turned and in a very compromising position. Her sub-Betty friend is on her chest and ready to dish out all she received, and then some!

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1996 in b&w
A Film by Maria Beatty
Duration: 30 mins
Starring: Marla Belt & Melanie Myle
Music by Hoppy Kamiyama

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