FUCK THEM ALL sets out to bring trans*porn to the screen like you’ve never seen it before! Awarded Best Video at the Transgender Film Festival 2017 in Kiel (Germany) As a chrysalis between dream and reality, to be another body, trans, be «another with others». An intimate deconstruction into the exploration of sexualit(ies). [gallery link="file" ids="3047,3048,3049,3050,3051,3052,3053,3054,3055,3056"]   Bleu Productions & Adamas Productions 4 present: FUCK THEM ALL 2017, 75 minutes, France Directed by Maria Beatty Script: Maria Beatty / Andromak P4 Assistant Director: Andromak P4 Editor: Maria Beatty Starring Misungui / Anaïs N.: Zentaï Reality KAy Garnellen / Anaïs N.: The Man at the bar and The Shamaness KAy Garnellen / Misungui Bordelle: The Sailor and the Dancer KAy Garnellen / Anaïs N.: the submissive and the Domina KAy Garnellen / Sir-Ds: Gay Vampires KAy Garnellen / Cheyann: The Prostitute and the Cowboy KAy Garnellen / Cheyann / Sir-Ds / Misungui Bordelle / Anaïs N.: Orgy (grande finale) Annabelle P.: Vampire's Vase Crew Cameras: Maria Beatty / Emmanuel...

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FEED: The Last Supper

72 minutes, color, USA, film
Directed and Edited by Maria Beatty
Produced by Maria Beatty and Surgeon

Alice walks alone in the desert, her dress buffeted by the hot winds. In a daze she stumbles into an old stone shack somewhere in the American Southwest. Is it a portal to another time or a peyote induced vision? We may never be sure, but Alice becomes both the star subject and the solitary audience of a dirty, debaucherous, and dangerous party of sexual deviance. She is fucked, tortured, devoured, and transported in an otherworldly carnival of carnal delights conducted by the Maestra Surgeon who we suspect may be controlling this whole mirage.


A young woman in red skips down a back alley only to stumble upon two nefarious ladies absorbed in sexual passion. She can’t help but be drawn closer to the scene before her as she spies upon them from a close and confined position. As the ladies’ lust towards one another intensifies, the innocent voyeur’s interest continues to peak – along with a forbidden desire to connect herself to the action taking place before her. She begins touching herself in places where she knows not to – inspired by the same pleasures the two women bestow upon each other and unlocking the young woman’s secret lust upon her own body.