Bleu Productions creates hot and classy erotic fetish films with award winning filmmaker, Maria Beatty. Beatty’s films offer a unique take on queer alt porn; experimenting in all kinds of kink including: bondage, spanking, fisting, strap on, tickling and an endless range of erotic role-play in the D/s niche.

Films available on this site

Permanently Available to members
FUCK THEM ALL Starring : Misungui, KAy Garnellen, Anaïs N, Sir-Ds, Cheyann, Annabelle P
Feed: The Last Supper Starring :Alice P, Jessie Sparkles, Jane Doe and Surgeon
Doctor’s Orders Starring : Cindy Ireland & Mistress Carrie
The Sassy Schoolgirl Starring: Mistress Tara Indiana and Cindy Ireland
The Sassy Schoolgirl II Starring: Mistress Carrie and Cindy Ireland
The Dueling Pages: Box of Laughter Starring: Marla Belt & Melanie Myle
Converted To Tickling: Box of Laughter II Starring: Gecko & Reverend Jen

Bonus Film from the Rubber Doll Rituals Project
Rubber Doll Rituals: Rubber Doll Dance – Starring: Mary Jale, Madame Devon and Dirty Dollbaby

We rotate the following films weekly i.e one new film replaces one that has been online for a few months (check Latest News page for what’s online today):

COMA Starring: Dakota and Storm
Ecstasy in Berlin 1926 Starring: Sonya Sovereign and Paula Rosengarthen
Strap on Motel Starring London and Dylan Ryan
The Black Glove Starring: Maria Beatty & Mistress Morgana
The Boiler Room Starring: Mistress Tara Indiana & Valerie Devine
The Black Widow Starring: AJ Dirty Stein, Ardiente de la Huerta, Yumie Volupte, and Rosebutt
Belle du Nature Starring: Anna Gorynsztejn
The Seven Deadly Sins Starring: Mistress Dakota and Katie Jordan
Leda and the Swan ~ Nailed! Starring : Leda, Sonja Blaze and Devill
Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls Starring: Surgeon and London
Skateboard Kink Freak Starring: Michelle Aston and Amber Rayne
Tina’s Toy Trunk Starring: Tina Tyler
Silken Sleeves Starring: Midori and Mayan
Ladies of the night Starring: Mistress Dakota, Mistress Tchera and Bleu
Tight Security Starring : Porsche Lynn and Inga
Notes from the Underground Starring Leena, Caroline Pierce
Let the Punishment fit the Child Starring: Maria Beatty & Margie Schnibbe
Sex Mannequin Starring: London and Dylan Ryan
Little Hot Riding Hood Starring: Varla Vex, Loren Chance and Mina Meow
Lust Starring: Miriam Tyndall and Katie Jordan
Mask of Innocence Starring: Midori and Zille de Feu
The Elegant Spanking Starring: Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain
The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls starring: Arcana, Billy Rough, Surgeon Scofflaw, and Sophia St. James