FUCK THEM ALL sets out to bring trans*porn to the screen like you’ve never seen it before!

Awarded Best Video at the Transgender Film Festival 2017 in Kiel (Germany)

As a chrysalis between dream and reality, to be another body, trans, be «another with others».

An intimate deconstruction into the exploration of sexualit(ies).


Bleu Productions & Adamas Productions 4 present:

2017, 75 minutes, France

Directed by Maria Beatty

Script: Maria Beatty / Andromak P4
Assistant Director: Andromak P4
Editor: Maria Beatty

Misungui / Anaïs N.: Zentaï Reality
KAy Garnellen / Anaïs N.: The Man at the bar and The Shamaness
KAy Garnellen / Misungui Bordelle: The Sailor and the Dancer
KAy Garnellen / Anaïs N.: the submissive and the Domina
KAy Garnellen / Sir-Ds: Gay Vampires
KAy Garnellen / Cheyann: The Prostitute and the Cowboy
KAy Garnellen / Cheyann / Sir-Ds / Misungui Bordelle / Anaïs N.: Orgy (grande finale)
Annabelle P.: Vampire’s Vase

Cameras: Maria Beatty / Emmanuel Vallet / Yorma Loringett
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Vallet
Assistant Lighting: Sophie B.
Costumes: Olympia Volpone
Make-up Artists: Nathalie / Jean-Marc
Assistant Stage Manager: Anne Roze
Still Photographers: Max Pelgrims / Violaine Bellet / Sandryn Martin D’Escrienne
Food trucker: Rémy Pulzatto

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