Attention Tickling Fetishists! – Converted to Tickling from Maria Beatty’s Box of Laughter, now online!

Imagine if the most horrendous form of punishment was sufferance through tickling! For some people it really is torture but for some people it is an extremely erotic experience both to tickle and be tickled!

Maria Beatty explores the tickling fetish in her Box of Laughter series, along with some other taboo ideas like in Converted to Tickling we are presented with the idea of a school girl turning on the Mother Superior!

Converted to Tickling has just been added to our members area and for a short time only you will get access to both this film AND Dueling Pages, a splendid visual feast featuring Betty Page look-a-likes bent on revenge – via tickling!

Tickling Fetish Fully Fashioned Stockings Fetish
Bondage girls Tickling Fetish
girls being tickled girl in bondage
girls tickling girls girl being tickled

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