The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

Set in the arid barren, languid and punishing realm of the desert. Surgeon Scofflaw now reigns as the desert Dom. Equipped with her new errand boy on her arm, together they search for resources and new playthings in the desert.

Taken by surprise while diligently washing her dusty garments alone in her shack, Arcana is discovered by Billy and Surgeon who take her back to their post apocalyptic squat, the abandoned military airplane graveyard.

Everyone plays nice until Surgeon notices the unbearable attraction between her boy and their new newfound instrument. Poor billy gets punished, forcefully put into suspension bondage, whipped and pierced with cactus needles. During this whirlwind a luscious and alluring intruder is discovered Sophia St. James. Watch the cyclical and ever shifting sensual power play unfold between these four post apocalyptic desert women. Fisted, fucked, kissed, spanked, whipped and hit, all under the unwavering heat of the desert sun in the post apocalyptic new world.

a film by Maria Beatty
80 minutes, 2011, color
starring: Arcana, Billy Rough, Surgeon Scofflaw, and Sophia St. James
music: Lydia Lunch and John Zorn
additional music: The Knotwells and Songs For Moms
still photography: Neil Weismiller


A brand new Bleu Productions Film!

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