Sassy Schoolgirl II

More Good Old Fashioned Discipline !

That naughty little troublemaker, Cindy Ireland, is at it again! We won’t even tell you what she’s done this time, but it has landed her in ‘the Cage!’ There she must sit and think about her wicked ways, awaiting her punishment. And Miss Carrie is the one to give it! The beautiful Miss Carrie is a stern Headmistress who believes in ‘hands on’ discipline for her wayward girls when they deserve it and Cindy surely does.

Even now, confronted by her Headmistress, she is sassy and defiant. Miss Carrie has no choice! Cindy must be subjected to a severe spanking! Panties down! Carrie’s firm hands and inventive punishments cause Cindy to squeal, kick, wriggle, and eventually plead for mercy… Perhaps this time her red bottom will remind Cindy to behave!

2000 in color
Directed by : Maria Beatty
Duration : 45 mins
Starring : Mistress Carrie and Cindy Ireland

Original content featuring lesbian and BDSM lifestyle players

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