[gallery link="file" ids="3071,3073,3074,3075,3076,3077"] INSTANT ACCESS TO OUR LATEST FILMS AND ARCHIVES Original content featuring lesbian and BDSM lifestyle players A film by Maria Beatty 2007 in color Duration: 35 mins Starring: Dakota and Storm Costumes and Set Design: Storm File Format: Mp4 -- Find out more about the MP4 format An accident leaves a girl in a coma, she awakens to find herself in the care of a beautiful woman with the kiss of an angel. Does she know her, has she been there before? The girl undergoes a series of challenges, submission a necessity for survival. Bondage and discipline, medical and edge play are all dramatically explored against the urban backdrop of New York City....

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Doctor’s Orders

Nowadays, it is mandatory for a female nurse to be present when a male doctor is examining a female patient. However, the same rules do not apply to female doctors and patients. Makes you think, doesn’t it…….hhhmmm…….what goes on behind the closed doors in a “Doctress’s” office?


A young woman in red skips down a back alley only to stumble upon two nefarious ladies absorbed in sexual passion. She can’t help but be drawn closer to the scene before her as she spies upon them from a close and confined position. As the ladies’ lust towards one another intensifies, the innocent voyeur’s interest continues to peak – along with a forbidden desire to connect herself to the action taking place before her. She begins touching herself in places where she knows not to – inspired by the same pleasures the two women bestow upon each other and unlocking the young woman’s secret lust upon her own body.