Strap On Motel

LA, on the west coast, along a humid motorway lit by the red neons of the strip clubs.

London, a gorgeous and wild brunette, arrives. Erotic dancer in a club, she remembers this particular night where she’d been struck by her desire for another dancer, Dylan Ryan, tall sculptural blond who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it.

Sex Mannequin

Honorable Mention Awarded to Sex Mannequin at the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2007 AEBN VOD Awards 2007, Best BDSM Film, "Sex Mannequin" Passionate Tender Rough- Lesbian BDSM as never seen before! Featuring high heels, cropping, ass spanking, pussy punishment, bondage, oral, fisting, screaming, kissing, moaning and dirty talk. In the grande finale watch one of the hottest most sensational female ejaculation ever seen. Beautiful and elegantly shot with striking extreme close-ups caressing the skin giving the sense that one can touch, smell and taste the flesh. The chemistry is real, extreme and the women are drop dead gorgeous! A lesbian fetish fantasy...

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Sexy and dangerous lesbian cowgirls

After the Third World War and global warming have transformed the planet into a desert, what remains? Two post-apocalyptic cowgirls in leather and Stetsons!