A beautiful, young and fresh girl, Zille, leaps in the meadow. She is spied then stalked down by a dark reptilian female creature Midori. She lies on the grass and plays lovingly with her body and masturbates wildly before being kidnap and swept away by this mysterious feminine predator.

After being spanked soundly and tickled tortured she is tied in suspension in an abandoned dilapidated barn house. Here, she has to suffer again to more tickling and intense spanking and more….


BRINGING FETISH TO A NEW SHINING EDGE with a gorgeous lingering eye, Maria Beatty leads the viewer through four seasons of dominance and submission.

Midori, by turns playful and cruel, captures, overpowers, and binds the delicate butterfly, Mayan, whose heartrending struggles avail her nothing in the presence of Midori’s distinguishable expertise. Exposed and immobilized, Mayan, inevitably succumbs to her own desires through bondage, hot candle waxed cocooning, spanking amongst other wickedly erotic techniques. Once her pleasures are satisfied, Midori liberates Mayan sending her into seventh heaven.

Bondage lovers who are already fans of Midori’s ingenious talents will be captivated and thrilled, and those who’ve wondered why others find bondage so appealing will learn the answer in these lush and exotic scenes. Evocative music by Nick Holmes heightens the tension and eroticism of this devastatingly sensual film

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