Box of Laughter : THE DUELING PAGES

“Dueling Pages” is part one of the three part “Box of Laughter” series, which highlights the fetish of tickling. In this episode, two best friends share their love of pinup idol Betty Page. They admire each others’ stylish imitation, comparing lingerie and shoes with girlish delight and tease. Soon the friendly comparisons turn competitive and catty, and a fight ensues. A little wrestling and some rope bondage, and before you know it, one of the Pages is hog-tied and ready for some tickling action!



A golden Weimar beauty slips a needle into her creamy thigh, and while in her euphoria slips into erotic fantasy. It begins with a white-gloved hand at her throat, emphasising her vulnerability and surrender, followed by a lingering, deliciously thorough kiss from a stunning and powerful woman. She drifts through a variety of exotic experiences, all made possible by her dazzling submission and her partner’s absolute command. Her perfect flesh is alternately spanked and caressed, her lips kissed and then forced to worship a fine leather boot. She dreams of being strictly corseted, whipped, and bound, and led to a glowing, graphic climax.

Member’s Updates: 17th January 2011

What’s Online This Week? Just Added: VERY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE ADDITION OF "THE DUELING PAGES: BOX OF LAUGHTER" Perfect for stocking fetishists and girl on girl wrestling, tickling, catfight and bondage aficionados Double Update with: Ecstasy in Berlin 1926 Starring: Sonya Sovereign and Paula Rosengarthen Other Films Currently Online in the Members area: The Elegant Spanking Starring: Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain COMA Starring: Dakota and Storm Mask of Innocence Starring: Midori and Zille de Feu Lust Starring: Miriam Tyndall and Katie Jordan Sex Mannequin Starring: London and Dylan Ryan Let the Punishment fit the Child Starring: Maria Beatty & Margie Schnibbe Vampire Sisters Starring Ariel X and Anastasia Pierce Bonus Films featuring Cindy Ireland: The Sassy Schoolgirl Starring: Mistress Tara Indiana and Cindy Ireland The Sassy Schoolgirl II Starring: Mistress Carrie and Cindy Ireland Doctor's Orders Starring: Mistress Carrie and Cindy Ireland PLUS loads of stills from Bleu Productions’ films...

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